How we work



We initially meet to understand your situation: your family, your existing assets, your income and your expenditure. We gather information and ask questions such as: “What’s important about money to you?” and “Which of your goals require money and planning to achieve?”.

We encourage you to bring along any information, documents and statements. We may need two discovery meetings, and our initial meeting is always held at our expense.



Using the information gathered in the discovery meeting, we analyse your existing position relative to achieving your objectives.

We help you prioritise your various planning needs and tease out financial goals you never knew you had! Through analysis and discussion, your planner will establish how much risk you are prepared to take with your money to reach your goals.



Once you have had an opportunity to digest the information, we meet again to answer any questions and agree on a course of action. We combine the information you give us with our findings to build your financial plan.

All our recommendations are provided in an easy-to-absorb report, and we will be there to answer any questions. Once agreed, our team set to work to implement the plan.



It’s understandable that your situation will change over time. Your plan needs to be adjusted accordingly to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals.

If you choose to take an ongoing service with us, we will provide proactive contact throughout the year to enable progress towards your goals.

Our investment philosophy

More than 60 years of accumulated experience and knowledge have been honed down into a set of beliefs that we believe serve as good practice for us and our clients.

This includes being transparent, ensuring simple and consistent investing messaging, trusting research, favouring asset class investing, diversification and minimising costs.

Our commitment to sustainability

You should be able to invest sustainably and responsibly and we consider that our role is to find solutions that align with your views on how your money is invested.

Taking into account our evidence-based investing belief and our desire to keep things simple, we have carefully filtered the investment fund market down to a concise but powerful range of solutions that we believe will consistently offer a good investment outcome while meeting our own requirements.

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Steve and the team understand me and my aspirations, and they have guided me along the way

Anne Williams

Working with Steve has helped us feel confident about our financial future

Eddie & Debbie

The advice I've received from Ian and Aspire has been invaluable

Miles Watson

I can look forward to a long and happy retirement

Nicki Machin

I feel as though I have an ally, helping me navigate my finances

Raj Bahia

I feel confident in my financial future, thanks to The Aspire Partnership

John Grainger