Raj Bahia


My name is Raj Bahia; I’ve been with The Aspire Partnership for five to six years now, and my adviser is Naomi Keith.

I got in touch with Naomi when I started working with Aspire five or six years ago, essentially to have someone take more care of my finances because, with a very busy job and a very busy life, I was getting to a stage where I wasn’t really able to keep up with that in and among everything else.

In terms of how I heard about Aspire, I’d actually been working with Naomi for longer than I’ve been with Aspire, and so when she joined, I followed her too.

In terms of why I stuck with Naomi when she moved across to Aspire and why I like working with her, she is incredibly capable, she is very relatable, and she is a strong communicator, so it just makes working with her very easy for me. She also had the right focus in terms of her focus on my family, me, where we wanted to go in our lives, and how her financial advice could help us get there.

The three words that I would use to describe Naomi and The Aspire Partnership are capable, calming, and confidence-inspiring.

I feel very supported, and I feel as though I have an ally in trying to navigate my finances, both in the short and also the long term. Overall, I feel like Naomi and Aspire are on my team.

I think one of the best things for me about working with Naomi and the team at Aspire is that she doesn’t just make dealing with my finances calmer; she actually makes it enjoyable in the sense that what we’re doing fits very well with where we want to take things.

I feel like things are very well looked after as of now, and I have confidence that they will continue to be well looked after because they take the time to check in with me on an annual basis and make sure that things still work.

In terms of whether I would recommend Naomi and The Aspire Partnership to other people, the answer is absolutely, and indeed, I’ve done it several times already. Finances can’t be painless, but they make them as painless as possible, which is a huge gift.

Steve and the team understand me and my aspirations, and they have guided me along the way

Anne Williams

Working with Steve has helped us feel confident about our financial future

Eddie & Debbie

The advice I've received from Ian and Aspire has been invaluable

Miles Watson

I can look forward to a long and happy retirement

Nicki Machin

I feel as though I have an ally, helping me navigate my finances

Raj Bahia

I feel confident in my financial future, thanks to The Aspire Partnership

John Grainger