Where are meetings held?

Meetings can take place in our offices, at your home, at your workplace or virtually. Whichever is the most convenient option for you.

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have free client parking at our offices.

Do I have to pay for an initial meeting?

No, absolutely not. You need to be able to check us out without obligation or cost.

What do I need to bring to an initial meeting?

It would be useful if you brought statements and balances related to your enquiry, but we are happy to gather all specifics if you decide to work with us.

How long should I allow for an initial meeting?

Initial meetings tend to last for around an hour.

Do I have to sign up to your services at an initial meeting?

No. You can take your time to consider the information you receive and come back to us when you are comfortable.

How can I book an initial meeting?

To book a meeting, contact any of the advisers directly from their profiles, call the main office on 0117 9303510 or email helpme@aspirellp.co.uk.

Are you independent?

Yes, we are a Chartered financial planning firm offering independent investment advice and a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market. Our protection planning services are based on a fair and personal analysis of the market.

Are you regulated?

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). You can find our entry on the FCA register by clicking here.

Can you advise on final salary/defined benefit transfers?

We hold the necessary FCA permissions to be able to offer advice in this area.

What happens if my financial planner is away on holiday?

All the financial planners have experienced teams who work closely with them to manage all enquiries in the event your financial planner is not able to respond.

What do you charge for a financial plan?

Once we have established the type of financial planning you require, your planner will provide you with a personalised Scope of Work. You won’t incur a charge until you have agreed on your Scope of Work.

Do you take a percentage or are your fees fixed?

Our initial fees are a fixed charge, so you will know upfront what your costs will be. These are based on the type of work, not the value of the assets being discussed. If you decide to take an ongoing service with us, the charge will be a percentage of the assets we agree to manage.

Do you get commission?

Commission can be paid to us from mortgage and protection providers. This is explained fully in our Terms of Business, and any amount will be fully disclosed before you proceed with any product purchase.

Do you charge VAT?

Where we arrange a financial product for you, the service will generally be VAT-exempt. VAT will apply to some of our services, so this will be clarified in any Scope of Work.