Buying property in a pension

It’s possible to buy a commercial property in a pension, and Aspire have huge experience in this area.

This means we can readily establish whether a purchase is financially viable (i.e. do the numbers stack up!) as well as checking whether such a transaction is a good fit for your circumstances and objectives.

Because this area is complex and high risk, we’ll also outline early on what your responsibilities will be, as well as the various risks you’ll face. Click here to read an in-depth article on the ups and downs of buying commercial property in a pension.

After finding out about you and your objectives, if we think there is a good likelihood that such a purchase is in your best interests, we’ll provide you with a tailored Scope of Work, outlining the fees we would charge and the service we’ll provide.

As these transactions typically involve a range of professionals, having everyone know what they’re doing, and when they should be doing it is crucial. We’ll help get things over the line in a cost effect and timely manner, helping to co-ordinate and liaise between the parties involved.

Aspire’s expertise in this area means we have an extensive network of professionals, so when it comes to finding a good solicitor, pension provider, surveyor of lender, we can help you pick the right people.

We also offer a specially tailored ongoing service. It’s designed to provide ongoing advice and expert guidance following a purchase to help keep things on track.

If you would like to discuss buying property in your pension, let’s talk!

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