Financial planning for high earners

As a high earner, it’s very likely you will benefit from good financial advice.

We tend to define high earners in this context as those with significant income, but not business owners. This generally means you don’t have much control over your income, and as a result you tend to pay a significant income tax!

Many of our existing clients are in this position, being typically but not exclusively:

  • Partner at a law firm
  • Senior management in a large company
  • Barrister
  • Senior civil servant
  • Medical professional

If you recognise any of the following issues, perhaps we can help:

  • You pay a lot of income tax but you don’t know how or where to invest your surplus income after you’ve made use of your pension allowance
  • You either don’t have the time, or lack the desire, to make your own investment decisions and build a coherent financial plan
  • You want to explore legitimate means of reducing your income tax liability, using regulated financial products, to better understand the risks involved
  • Your pension allowance has been tapered, and you would like help with either reducing, or calculating, the extent of this reduction
  • Your company offers a generous pension, but joining will mean exceeding your annual pension limit and paying a tax charge (the annual allowance) and you are not sure what to do
  • You want to know how best to settle a pension tax charge
  • You want to understand the long term positive impact of increasing the money you put aside for your future
  • You would like to invest for your children in a tax efficient manner
  • You have a range of pensions and investments, but don’t know what these mean for you practically – i.e. if you stopped work tomorrow are these enough?

So, if any of these sounds familiar please get in touch with us to arrange a no obligation consultation, at our expense.

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