Planning for retirement in 3 steps – Step 3

STEP THREE How do you bridge the gap? So, by this stage you should know whether you are likely to be able to meet your expected spend in retirement, based upon your current situation. If you are on track to meet or exceed your target hopefully this has given you some peace of mind [...]

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Planning for retirement in 3 steps – Step 2

STEP TWO How much income do you expect to receive in retirement? 1. Estimate what your state pension/s will provide: The new state pension is currently £175.20 per week per person, if you have enough qualifying years on your National Insurance record. You can obtain an estimate of your state pension click here. 2. [...]

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Planning for retirement in 3 steps – Step 1

Over the coming weeks I’ll be releasing a series of 3 articles on retirement planning, split into 3 bitesize steps: 1. How much will you spend in retirement – what sort of lifestyle do you want? 2. How much income can you expect to receive, based upon your existing plans? 3. How can you [...]

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