Aspire are proud to be Bear in Mind project sponsors

November 12th, 2021

Bear in Mind is run by the Bristol Bears Community Foundation. It is a health and wellbeing programme aimed at equipping girls in secondary education with the tools to build self-confidence and to cope with the wider issues faced by young women across modern society today.

The programme encourages girls to not only maintain an interest in sport and physical activity but also investigate topics such as stress, resilience, self-care, body image, the impact of social media and positive relationships. Navigating through adolescents towards adulthood can be an arduous pathway, the Bear in Mind programme endeavour to help this process by helping the girls to focus on themselves and what is important, by adopting a growth mindset, by daring to be themselves and surrounding themselves with people who value them as they are.

Recently, two members of our team, Izzy and Kane, went to the Oasis Academy Brislington to take part in a session led by Geraint and Esme from the Bristol Bears Community Foundation. Here’s their summary of the experience.

“The session was called ‘Dare to be you’ and focused on identifying obstacles in our lives that can have an impact on our confidence and development when looking to achieve life goals. Everyone exchanged their experiences in terms of obstacles they come across in their day to day lives and discussed how to overcome them. They also shared what they are working towards in the short and long term future.

The day ended with a quick rugby training amongst the girls, which we enjoyed watching.

The session was very interactive. It was good to be able to listen to girls’ stories and share our experiences with them. Geraint talked through his involvement with other schools and how he is looking to grow the program past the current 12 week stage so that Bear in Mind could have a longer lasting impact. Esme spoke about her own battle with mental health and shared a clever idea of using social media as a private diary that she could share with those close to her, which seemed to really resonate with the students. The ‘Bear in Mind’ work is clearly helping to change the mindset of the girls involved and is providing a real boost of confidence for these young people. It was great to engage with the students and witness Bear in Mind’s fantastic work.”