Apsire Partnership Brochure - page 69

Tuneout thenoiseandstick toyourplan
A balanced and cost-effective asset allocation decisionworks only if you
stick to it over time and throughmarket ups anddowns.
Investing evokes emotion that can disrupt the plans of even the most
sophisticated investors. Some make rash decisions based on market
volatility. Conversely, somebecomeparalysedby fear, unable to implement
an investment strategyor to rebalanceaportfolioasneeded. Wecanhelp
you maintain the long-term discipline and perspective required to help
you remain committed to your long-term investment programme through
periods ofmarket uncertainty.
Guardingagainst returnchasing
Sticking to a predetermined target also helps to guard against the
tendency to chase returns by moving into and out of the best and
worst-performing sectors based upon recent past performance.
Many investors fall prey to this trap. However, we will still review your
personal circumstances every year to ensure your portfolio is still fit
for your purpose.
According to research, investors who partake in a financial planning
relationshipandwhoadopt a recommended investment strategycouldbe,
on average, up to3% a year better off*. On a portfolioof £500,000, that
wouldbe£15,000per year.
*Source: Putting a value on your value:Qualifying adviser’s alpha in the UK. Vanguard Asset
Management 11.14
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