Apsire Partnership Brochure - page 56

Common investingmistakes
Individual stockevaluationwithno regard topurpose
Investorswithout aplanoftenconstruct portfoliosbyevaluating themerits
of each investment or fund individually. If the evaluation is positive, they
add the investment to their portfolio, oftenwithout consideringwhether it
fits or will help them reach their goal.
Buying funds or asset classes with good recent performance in the
hope that it will continuehas beenprovenby research tobe anexercise
in futility.
Attempting to timemarket peaks and troughs and buy and sell at exactly
the right time is incredibly difficult to get right even for professional
investors, and theseefforts areusually in vain.
Followingamarketing trend
Collecting top tipped funds from newspapers or advertised investments
can result in aportfolio that containsmore risk than you’rewilling to take,
or aportfoliowith little chanceof achieving your investinggoals.
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