Apsire Partnership Brochure - page 55

Aspirebelieve thatsuccessful investingbeginsbydevelopingaplanbased
on your own circumstance. Once we have gathered information about
your situation, there are three steps to setting your investment goals:
1 Your investment aim
Aspire consider your investment targets and purpose and then establish
themoney that youwill need to achieve these.
2 Your investment time frame
How soon you intend to takemoney from your portfoliowill influence the
typeof investmentsAspire choose.
3 Your risk tolerance
Balancing the risk you are willing to accept with the investment returns
youneed (or want) will helpdetermine your asset allocation.
Combining these three elements will allow us to agree measurable and
attainable investmentgoalswithyouandcreateanappropriate investment
plan that will give you thebest chanceof achieving thoseobjectives.
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