Apsire Partnership Brochure - page 47

Thestateof affairs
Bob isabusinessowner.Hehashisown viewsandhasbeen investing for
manyyears, butashisbusinesseshavebecomemoresuccessful theneed
to consistently structurehis investments in themost tax efficient and low
costway becomesmore important. Ashisbusiness interestshavegrown,
it has become harder for him to keep abreast of regulatory changes and
make the right financial choices at the right time - he’s abusyman!
Aspire have taken time inmeetings to understand Bob’s circumstance,
aims and goals. We have set up an ongoing review service on an ‘all
inclusive’ annual fixed fee. It incorporates quarterly review meetings
that weendeavour tokeep to less thananhour. This year the focus has
been to reduce Bob’s income tax bill, which we have done to the tune
of £60,000.
Toachieve thisaspecificmemberof the teamhasbeenappointed towork
with Bob and his Planner. In between meetings, they review regulation
and legislation that could affect Bob, create a bespoke agenda, research
options and prepare proposals. Once the Planner and Bob have met,
detailednotesaresent toBobandAspirecarryout the recommendations
agreed. The all inclusive fee and the joined up approach means Bob is
able to take advantage of a range of investment structures but without
exposing himself to excessive risk or liquidity issues, and without having
to cost the advice charge intoeachdecision.
real life
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