Apsire Partnership Brochure - page 44

Buildinga relationship
Aspire enjoy building strong mutually beneficial relationships and like
to keep things as simple and transparent as possible. So you are not
discouraged from taking actionor contactingus, our ongoing fees are as
inclusiveas possible, i.e. we’ll talk through your likely needs in the coming
year and take these into account.
Thestyleof ongoingservice feedependson you; thismight beafixed fee
orapercentage feebasedon investedassets.Bothhave theiradvantages
dependingon your circumstance.
How you pay us is up for discussion too. This could be direct from your
investments or direct from your bank, or onemember of the family could
pay for the rest of the family group, etc.
Whatever isagreed…we’ll alwaysbeabsolutely clearwho youarepaying,
what you arepaying for andwill do sowell in advance.
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