Apsire Partnership Brochure - page 36

All inoneplace
Gainingclaritywithyour financescanbe tough. But it canbemadeworse
when investments are all over the place - different providers, varying
costs, numerous online passwords. To avoid this, we have created The
Aspire Investment Account. This is a nominee account and is an online
administrative service where you can see, and we can manage, all your
investments inoneplace: your ISAs, pensions andgeneral investments.
We think this is helpful but it’s not going tobe right for everybody, soThe
Aspire Investment Account will only be suggested if it: will make your life
easier, is going to be cost effective, and it is advantageous to transfer
existing policies. In cases where this is not the right choice, we’ll make
alternative recommendations but still collate your information in such a
way that you caneasily keep trackof your investments andpolicies.
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