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We always start with an openmind and have a tried and tested process.
Initially it’s all about focus. By focusing you onwhat’s important, we help
you takeaction. Aspire lookat everything youhavealreadygot - indetail,
thewhole kit and caboodle - listen towhat youwant, work out what you
need, and then use our knowledge and experience to suggest a suitable
planof action.
1 Discover thebiggerpicture
Itstartswithgathering informationandaskingquestions: ‘What’s important
aboutmoney to you?’, ‘Whichof your goals requiremoneyandplanning to
achieve?’, ‘Whatgetsyouup in themorning?’. Wedoaska lotofquestions!
2 Plan thepath towards thegoal
andexistingpolicies. It’s the little things thatarevital; little thingscanmake
big thingshappen. So the teamdoublecheck thesmall print and research
the options. This determines the suitable routes and choices which we
thenpresent alongside adetailed report.
3 Implement agreedactions
Finally, wecombine the information yougiveuswithour ownfindingsand
start tobuildyour financial plan. Again, weprovideall recommendations in
aneasy toabsorb report and, onceagreed, our team set toworkensuring
anefficient implementationof your plan.
4 Progress, adapt andevolve
As your situation changes over time, your plan needs to alter accordingly
to enable you to remain on track. Aspire provide proactive contact to
ensureprogression towards your goals.
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