Apsire Partnership Brochure - page 22

A successful local business owner had concerns over the control of his
business. He felt the existence of several other individual shareholders
was preventing him from scheduling an exit strategy and sale. He was
struggling to seehow to regain control of his business soonly hewould
benefit from a possible sale because he had insufficient cash to buy
back the shares.
We haveworked together to establish a detailed 5 year exit strategy in
which thefirstmilestonewas for him toown the company outright.
We transferred both his and his partner’s existing pensions to a Small
Self Administered Scheme (known as a SSAS). The Scheme made a
loan to the company to allow him to buy the shares back from the other
shareholders. Obviously there were a number of steps for the pension
schemeand thecompany to follow toensure that itwasstructured in the
appropriatewaywithin the strict guidelines of HMRC. Thereweremany
significant decisions for him and his partner tomake along theway, but
the result is that wehavehelpedhimmovehis exit strategy forward.
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