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Your ‘bag’ of
financial stuff
So many things in life involve a financial
decision and few of you will have left your
financial life totally to chance.
When it comes tomany financial choices in
life, the options may seem clear. A house
purchase will mean a mortgage. Private
schooling for the childrenwill mean finding
the school fees. A desire for an income in
retirementwill needapensionpot ofmoney
to provide it.
Eventhemoredifficult issuesmayhavebeen
tackled; insurance to cover the eventuality
of death, critical illness or inability to work
through poor health.
Some of youmay even have a clear mental
picture of where you would ideally like to
be in the future - a retirement dream or
business aspiration.
But rarely are the dream and the financial
decisions youmakemarried together into a
cohesive plan.
As a consequence of this mismatch,
over time as one proceeds through life,
investments, pensions and insurances are
accumulated. The end result is what we
refer to as a ‘bag’ of financial ‘stuff’.
What’s in your ‘bag’?
…pensions from old jobs, PEPs that
are now ISAs, endowments related to
mortgages that have long been repaid,
shares in a PLC that suddenly has the
taxpayer as the biggest shareholder, and a
random investment property…?
Matching your ‘bag’
to your plan
As you advance through the years and your
circumstances change, the decisions you
face are: which items in the bag are still
useful and will help you reach your desired
objective or dream, which products should
be in thebagbut aremissingandwhichare
in there but should be ditched.
These decisions are not helped by the fact
that advice from other sources - financial
websites, adverts and even some other
financial advisers - often focusses on you
purchasing ‘new stuff’ and seldom attempts
to help youwith your existing ‘bag’ - and so
the cycle continues and the ‘bag’ grows!
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